We put the TRUSS in TRUST

Amber Huether, President

Director of Operations

Certified General Contractor #1521734


For 15 years, Amber has been on-site and in the office.  She understands how to build. Specializing in renovations, she looks forward to exploring your project and repurposing your space.  Amber has a proven ability to solve space planning issues, streamline and manage documents all the while communicating important project milestones to her team.  Amber will work closely with the project management team in the execution of your project; with an emphasis on budget, scheduling, document control, insurance and bonding issues. 


JD Huether

Project Manager/Estimator

Certified General Contractor#1520041


As a third generation General Contractor, JD knows construction.  He mentored under his father specializing in the construction of educational facilities, office buildings, sports complexes and doctors offices.  JD's ability to fuse his commercial scheduling knowledge has proven successful in the residential sector.  His residential projects range in size from 1,500 sq. ft. to 6,000 sq. ft.  with values from $150K to over $2M. His commercial portfolio boasts projects ranging in size from 1,000 sq. ft. to 200,000 sq. ft. carrying values of $10K to over $55M.  Not only can JD do it all, more importantly he  understands how to get it done.   JD's ability to schedule will  ensure your project is on time and within budget.


Tommy Huether

Project Coordinator/Project Superintendent


Tommy sees a clients needs, takes action, and exceeds their expectations.  Clients appreciate his ability to understand their vision and communicate their specific needs.  Tommy excels as our renovation and remodel specialist.  For over 10 years, Tommy has successfully completed several commercial renovations and remodels.  His strength in scheduling and open communication ensures that minimal disruption is experienced by our client, after all, this isn't just a "project," it's your home.  Tommy looks for ways to innovate and create, giving your home an "edge."  From pre-construction to final completion, Tommy's coordinating and supervising capabilities will ensure your home is a success.  



Bubba Huether

Quality Control Analyst/Project Superintendent


Over the course of 10 years, Bubba has gained both residential and commercial construction experience.  Through that combined experience, he understands being a team player.  Preferring the field to the office, Bubba has built a strong, well respected reputation among all subcontractors.  Bubba excels at maintaining contractor/subcontractor communication.  It is his hands-on involvement that assures all details are attended to.  Not only does Bubba set the bar high when it comes to demanding quality, he exceeds it every time.  Regardless of size or value, Bubba's determined to make sure your project's quality is upheld.