Together,  Amber & JD have been a part of the construction industry for over 15 years.  In these 15 years, they both worked on numerous multi-million dollar educational facilities, office buildings, and residential buildings; gaining valuable knowledge in quality control, budgets and scheduling.  It was during these residential build outs where JD and Amber realized their passion for home construction.  


The transition began, and TRUSS Construction was created.   JD and Amber took their commercial construction background and seamlessly fused that knowledge into their passion for residential construction.  

build local. build better

Sound biased?  Absolutely.  We are 100% confident that building local means building "it" better.  It's a win-win for all parties involved.  Once we have earned the privilege of bringing your project to life, we will work tirelessly to guarantee supreme quality all the while utilizing local trades.  Dollars spent in our community stay in our community, and jobs are created for our neighbors.



We have a strong emphasis in Quality Home Building, Renovations, Remodels, and Additions.  We pride ourselves in being a family owned company, that strives for QUALITY over quantity.